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What Is Light And How Does It Vary From Device To Device?

The short answer is based on scientific fact...light at different wavelengths are called Photon’s, or packets of energy, and a Photon is a Photon regardless of the source of the light, as it is the actual wavelength, not the source of the light, that determines a Photon’s characteristics regarding distance travelled and depth of penetration. Light at different wavelengths penetrates the skin to different depths. The deeper the area to be treated, the longer the wavelength must be.

What Are The Differences Between Light Therapy Units?

Deciding which piece of phototherapy equipment to purchase can be confusing, particularly with LED units as they all appear similar from the outside. As light therapy has grown in popularity over the last decade the market has become flooded with cheap imitations of their professionally designed counterparts.

The first thing you should ask any potential supplier is to provide you with a composite spectral analysis of their equipment, which will show at which point in the spectrum they are operating. The same applies to those units that purport to provide infra-red, as the infrared spectrum is invisible and the correct bandwidth cannot be discerned without specialised spectral analysis, and as most people are aware, infrared lamps are commonly referred to as heat lamps, so any claim to provide infrared without any heat goes against basic science.

The second consideration is the output of the unit in mW/cm² (milliwatts/square cm) for red light and W/m² (watts/square metre) for infra-red units, as the output in watts is always the base measure of power for any phototherapy unit. A spectral analysis will provide you with the answers you should be asking your supplier.

by Dr. Arlin

The Collagentex spectrum is a scientifically proven and tested light spectrum. The active spectrum is a scientifically designed combination of light wavelengths in the 590nm to 1250nm wavelength range to treat many conditions effectively and rapidly in a non invasive manner.

What is so unique about Collagentex spectrum?
All laser based light products are monochromatic which means that they can emit light at one particular wavelength. LED’s are quasi-monochromatic meaning they have a narrow band wavelength which can be as wide as ± 20nm depending on the quality of the LED and for each different wavelength they need extra LEDS which reduces the overall power output significantly.

Collagentex uses a revolutionary Plasma-Arc/Quartz lamp system with a specially designed and patented filter system/power supply combination that has many peaks in a range of 590nm to 1250nm. The scientifically proven blend of different wavelengths is customized for the best results.

What are the effective wavelengths to check in the equipment? Some equipment may offer 420nm wavelength blue light for reducing acne while others may use 590nm yellow light up to the infrared region of longer wavelengths, mainly 633nm red light. More professional equipment will offer 620nm, 633nm, 660nm, 710nm, 760nm, 810nm, 830nm, 852nm and 900nm wavelengths for deeper penetration, as the longer the wavelength deeper the penetration, for better lymphatic drainage and cellulite reduction along with dilating blood vessels for better oxygenation and reduced inflammation. Plasma-Arc technology offers a multiple wavelength high output light source for exceptional all around performance.

How do you compare Collagentex Action Spectrum to LED red light therapy?
LED output is dependent on specific voltages and will stray from their desired bandwidth when voltages fluctuate, a scenario that is almost impossible to control without using solid state electronics. This is particularly the case with multi coloured LED heads as the different coloured LED’s all require different voltages to operate in the desired bandwidth.

A well promoted myth by LED suppliers is that you must have a specific monochromatic wavelength to provide effective phototherapy results, when in fact this is something beyond their control in any salon environment as fluctuations in voltage and ambient heat during the treatment can change the characteristics of the output considerably.

This is the case even in the most expensive medical grade LED systems and even greater variations are found in cheaper LED systems. If you look at the specifications of the most well known brand of LED on the market you will see that the Output Wavelength for the red LED head is 633 +/- 6nm and Bandwidth is 20nm +/- 3 nm....a total possible variance of 29nm.  So is it really 633nm or 604 or 662nm?

This is also apparent with the infrared LED head where the stated Output wavelength is 830nm +/- 5nm and the bandwidth is 30 nm +/- 5nm, so again this shows that LED’s are not as specific in wavelength as they would have you believe.

The Collagentex Action Spectrum is a continuous wave (CW) and is not dependent on specific voltages, nor is it affected by ambient heat as the output and selected wavelengths are scientifically controlled by the patented power supply/filter system.

How do you compare Collagentex to an Infra Red Sauna?
Collagentex utilises red and infra red light for photo bio-modulation where infra red saunas use mechanical means such as a ceramic element to generate heat. Collagentex operates in the NIR (Near Infra Red) light bandwidths where infra red saunas use FIR (Far Infra Red) heat.

Why Collagentex does not require a government certified operator/technician?
The treatments are safe, non-invasive and cause no thermal damage or harm to the skin like lasers and IPL are designed to do.

How do you use Photo-therapy equipment for cellulite reduction?
"Orange peel syndrome", "cottage cheese thighs"- you can call it whatever you want, but one thing is clear, cellulite is a significant problem in women of post pubertal age. Actually, there are over 85% of females encountering some form of this skin condition. Found in the most undesirable areas, as buttocks and thighs most of women are trying to get rid of it, but only few of them could ever do it.

The thing is that it is extremely hard to deal with it and as Dr. Michael F. McGuire, a clinical associate professor at the David Geffen School of Medicine at the University of California, Los Angeles, said: "realistically, there is no cure for cellulite. Lack of cure doesn’t mean there is nothing can be done in order to improve it. There are several quite effective techniques such as anti-cellulite cream and physical massage that help break down fatty cells and stimulate the lymphatic drainage.

Although to really bring the cellulite treatment to the next level, the infrared technology can be an irreplaceable tool. In brief, infrared light with an output of 633 to 852 nm penetrates the skin in depth up to one inch, the heat facilitate the lymph to circulate through its canals resulting in a better lymphatic drainage.

On the top of this, this same infrared light stimulates the fibroblast that start producing collagen, a protein that is responsible for skin firmness and elasticity. By building up collagen between the fatty cells, it fills up and smoothes out the skin making cellulite less appearing visually and on touch. Perfectly safe and painless, first results would be already noticed after only a few sessions with Collagentex".

What treatments can Collagentex perform?

Some of the most commonly reported benefits are;

  • Reduce fine lines, age spots and diminish freckles
  • Build up lost collagen and reduce cellulite
  • Anti-aging effects for vibrant, younger looking skin
  • Smooth faces, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper body
  • Increased metabolism intensifying lymphatic drainage and reducing fat cell size
  • Replenishing loss due to aging and visibly reduced cellulite
  • Reduce pain from aches, sprains and strains
  • Relief from arthritis and reduction in medications
  • Increased energy levels
  • Heightened awareness and general feeling of wellbeing
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Hair restoration (Males)
  • Strengthening of hair and nails

How long do the lamps last?
500 Hours or 1,500 twenty minute sessions. Your system will have paid itself off many times over before a lamp replacement is required.

What is the life expectancy of Collagentex equipment?
All Collagentex products are manufactured using Stainless Steel and Anodised Aluminium to provide years of trouble free service. Maintenance is minimal and lifespan should be in excess of 10 years plus depending on usage levels.

How do I sell Collagentex sessions to my customers?
In packages of 10~20 sessions for the first six to eight weeks. A minimum of two sessions per week however three is preferable during the first two weeks. You can add a maintenance package after the first course of treatments is completed at two to six times monthly depending on the client.

Can I use Collagentex with makeup on?
Yes. Although it is preferable after a skin cleanser has been used.

Can I keep my jewellery on while using Collagentex?

Does Collagentex harm silicone implants?

Is Collagentex allowed during pregnancy?

How should I clean the equipment and how often?
Only after the fans come to a stop and the unit has cooled down. A daily wipe over and a more thorough weekly clean is all that is required to keep the unit looking and working like magic.

How does Collagentex affect my other revenues?
Collagentex will open new doors for all new customers to visit your salon.

How about the THY SCANNER in a gym or a health wellness centre?
Same great results and incredible lactic acid reduction while exercising.

What are the Contraindications (side effects) of using Collagentex?

WARNINGS: RX-1-2-3-6

  • This phototherapy light device may cause reaction with certain medications. If you are currently taking any medication please check with your pharmacist before using this equipment.
  • Always use the manufacturers recommended eye protection, or equivalent, as repeated exposure to the high intensity irradiance of the lamps may result in short and/or long term damage.
  • Contact lenses should not be worn when using this equipment.
  • Use during pregnancy is not recommended without prior medical approval.
  • Heart pace maker wearers should not use this equipment.
  • Epilepsy sufferers should not use this equipment.
  • Do not use on open wounds.
  • Pain relief is of the temporary nature.
  • No jewellery or body piercings should be worn at any time whilst using the equipment.
  • Only replace the lamps with the original Collagentex lamp for your safety.

Are IPL and Laser technologies used in the same way as Plasma-Arc lamps?
No. All of these technologies use “light” as the energy source, but the applications are highly different. IPL and Laser radiation therapies are considered as invasive treatments. IPL and Laser rejuvenation therapies work by thermally injuring the skin to induce a wound healing response. Although the wound healing response provides visible results, the damage may produce some inherent long term ageing effects. Patients may suffer from swelling, bruising or long-term skin damage.

Light therapy has also been given the name "phototherapy". A study done by the Mayo Clinic in 1989 suggests that the results of light therapy are a direct effect of light itself, generated at specific wavelengths, and are not necessarily a function of the characteristics of coherency and polarization associated with lasers. In a study entitled Low-Energy Laser Therapy: Controversies and New Research Findings, Jeffrey R. Basford, M.D. of the Mayo Clinic’s Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, suggests that the coherent aspect of laser may not be the source of its therapeutic effect. He states "firstly, the stimulating effects (from therapeutic light) are reported following irradiation with non-laser sources and secondly, tissue scattering, as well as fibre optic delivery systems used in many experiments rapidly degrade coherency. Thus any effects produced by low-energy lasers may be due to the effects of light in general and not to the unique properties of lasers. This view is not difficult to accept when it is remembered that wave-length dependent photo biochemical reactions occur throughout nature and are involved in such things as vision, photosynthesis, tanning and Vitamin D metabolism. In this view, laser therapy is really a form of light therapy, and lasers are important in that they are convenient sources of intense light at wavelengths that stimulate specific physiological functions (Lasers in Surgery and Medicine 9:1-5, Mayo Clinic, Rochester, Minnesota, 1989).

IPL and Lasers are no more than convenient devices for producing electromagnetic radiation at specific wavelengths, and in addition to the one already cited, several other studies establish that it is the light itself at specific wavelengths that is therapeutic in nature and not the machine which produced it. For example,Kendric C. Smith at the Department of Radiation Oncology, Stanford University School of Medicine, concludes in an important article entitled The Photo biological Effect of Low Level Laser Radiation Therapy (Laser Therapy, Vol. 3, No. 1, Jan - Mar 1991) that Lasers are just convenient machines that produce radiation and it is the radiation that produces the photo biological and/or photo physical effects and therapeutic gains, not the machines. Radiation must be absorbed to produce a chemical or physical change, which results in a biological response."

The equation between the machine and the biological response is a common error often made by those who wish to promote the commercial interests of low-energy laser technology. Light radiation must be absorbed to produce a biological response. All biological systems have a unique absorption spectrum which determines what wavelengths of radiation will be absorbed to produce a given effect.

How is Plasma-Arc light therapy different from LED treatments?
With Plasma-Arc light therapy it is possible to provide affordable and effective full body rejuvenation as opposed to facial LED light therapy devices which only treat a small area at a time. As opposed to Plasma-Arc lamps, LED's are very heat sensitive and inappropriate environments and excessive heat caused by some badly designed models we have tested can substantially reduce both light output and lifespan.

LED's typically cast light in only one direction at a narrow angle compared to Plasma-Arc lamps. Hence, additional reflectors or lenses are required in fixtures to broaden the beam. This increases the overall manufacturing costs of the cosmetic light therapy equipment plus the cost for the user.

How can I enhance the results of anti-aging phototherapy?
It was tested and proven that the use of anti-oxidant vitamin creams with photo rejuvenation therapy give a better light therapy effect than using either alone. Anti-oxidant creams (vitamins A, E, C, K and Alpha-Lipoic Acid) may be used after cleaning the skin either before or after light therapy. Further, the pre-use of hyaluronic acid, acetyl hexapeptide-3 (argireline), ellagic acid and aloe creams may also enhance the desired anti-aging effect. For instance:

  • Argireline is a synthetic anti-aging ingredient derived from natural proteins used as a topical alternative treatment to Botox.
  • Hyaluronic acid is a substance that occurs in the body’s connective tissue. It provides lubrication as well as cushioning between the cells and was proven to be beneficial on the tone and texture of a healthy and hydrated looking skin.

In addition, a university in Germany also found that green tea and red light are a powerful duo in skin rejuvenation. The combination can accelerate the rejuvenation effect due to the coordinated interplay of the biological and physicochemical effects of the light source with the ROS (reactive oxygen species) scavenging capacity of green tea, which extends the action spectrum of phototherapy.

How does red light therapy differ from laser treatments?
Red light therapy is non-invasive, natural, pain free and does not cut, burn, or break the skin as do laser treatments. There is also no downtime. Ablative lasers use heat and concentrated light to vaporize or remove tissue. Plasma-Arc lamps don’t result into skin vaporization or burning of tissue, and therefore it will not cause inflammation or erythema. Plasma-Arc light therapy is one of the few available non-invasive “tools” that naturally reverses the appearance of aging skin, such as wrinkles and mottled skin tone.

How long do the anti-aging results last?
Results depend on the length of your light therapy treatment regime and the original condition of your skin. Skin rejuvenation is a dynamic process. If maintenance sessions are discontinued, natural expression lines will gradually return over the course of time. Commitment to ongoing light therapy is the key to experiencing the most effective results.

What Causes Aging?
The aging of human skin is affected by numerous factors. As a result of internal and external factors, the skin changes constantly from infancy to adulthood. Structural and functional changes occur within the dermis layer, which is the supporting layer, and the epidermis, which is the outer visible layer of skin. The skin’s metabolism and natural functions start declining from the age of 25. Aging means that the cells of our skin are unable to replenish themselves properly and over time the skin’s natural protective hydro lipid film (external barrier to defend against bacteria) is weakened. This results in dry complexion, wrinkles, sensitive skin and loss of elasticity. After the age of 45, the skin will start to become thinner – making it more vulnerable to damage caused by environmental factors. Plasma-Arc light stimulates and activates the production of collagen and elastin, which are the main proteins that contribute to our skin’s elasticity, texture, and tone.


Natural Beauty And Wellness

All over the world, scientific studies confirm the increase in collagen and elastin proteins due to light treatment and thus the skin rejuvenating and healing effect of the Collagentex Action Spectrum.

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