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Dr. Arlin’s Collagentex RX-THY Scanner - The Latest in Deep-Infrared Phototherapy

Collagentex RX-THY Scanner

The Perfect Partner For A Vibration Trainer!!

Why is Stephanie getting more than just a workout?

Collagentex's patented, deeply penetrating infrared spectrum healing light has a multiple array of benefits to improve her skins appearance and her lifestyle. With the Collagentex RX-THY Scanner she's also,

  • Reducing her cellulite
  • Getting great lymphatic drainage
  • Stimulating her fibroblasts allowing natural collagen build up for firmer skin progressing to a longer lasting layer of elasticity
  • Shaping her legs while tightening her skin for silky smooth calves and thighs
  • Eliminating stretch marks, age spots and old scars
  • Reducing uneven pigmentation from sun damage

    The Collagentex difference. Skin Science that works!

  • Stephanie trusts the high beams of the THY Scanner to penetrate almost 25mm under her skin to reduce risk of strain, helping to effectively eliminate lactic acid build up
  • Thy Scanner will dilate capillaries and increase blood flow circulation allowing her to improve her training results and accelerate tissue regeneration after workouts
  • Easy to program the portable THY Scanner rolls near any gym equipment, treadmill, elliptical trainer or vibration unit
  • Reduce muscle recuperation time and manage pain caused by lactic acid
  • Patented oscillation motor allows gentle scanning of the legs at one RPM
  • Low power consumption, low maintenance, easy lamp replacement
  • Stainless steel and anodised aluminium construction for strength, durability and ease of cleaning
  • Low operating cost



Natural Beauty And Wellness

All over the world, scientific studies confirm the increase in collagen and elastin proteins due to light treatment and thus the skin rejuvenating and healing effect of the Collagentex Action Spectrum.

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