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Real Testimonials From Real People In Their Own Words

Don’t just take our word about the amazing results being achieved by Collagentex, read about the Positive Changes and Benefits from people who have experienced the Collagentex Action Spectrum firsthand.

Collagentex will open new revenue streams from both existing and new customers for your business.

I personally can see instant results in each client (regardless of age) that has undertaken the light treatment. Mirielle, (RX-1 owner), Mornington

We put in a Red Light Sun Bed and had great results from all of our clients. We also added a Collagentex Unit and our clients really love their results, it is much stronger and more efficient. We have had incredible results in pain relief from the Collagentex Unit. Euro Tan, USA


Natural Beauty And Wellness

All over the world, scientific studies confirm the increase in collagen and elastin proteins due to light treatment and thus the skin rejuvenating and healing effect of the Collagentex Action Spectrum.

Please browse the Collagentex collection of Natural Light Therapy products from the World's leading manufacturer using the links below.