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Real Testimonials From Real People In Their Own Words

Don’t just take our word about the amazing results being achieved by Collagentex, read about the Positive Changes and Benefits from people who have experienced the Collagentex Action Spectrum firsthand.

Collagentex will open new revenue streams from both existing and new customers for your business.

I am a 48 year old mother of 4 who like most women my age has many things I am not happy with.  After finding an offer on the internet for 5 Full Body Rejuvenation sessions I thought I would just give it a try.  After my fifth treatment I can honestly say that I have noticed my liver and sunspots starting to fade and my husband even commented the other week that my skin has a healthy glow about it all the time.

I have bought a complete package and I am now a weekly visitor for my 20 minute rejuvenation sessions.  Even though it has been explained to me I won’t experience the full benefits for at least 2-3 months after my initial treatment the benefits I am experiencing now are amazing. Not only have my energy levels increased dramatically my sleeping patterns are great and the stress I use to always carry in my shoulders is gone.  I truly feel amazing and I look forward to updating everyone in 4 weeks time. Sharon Mills, Chermside

I have only been using the RX-6 for 4 weeks now and I have noticed, as well as my girlfriends, a big improvement in my cellulite more than any cream or treatment I have ever tried before in the past. Kerry Somers, Burpengary

The RX-6 is TRULY UNBELIEVABLE!!!!! I initially heard from my girlfriend about the RX-6 and the possibility that it might be good for my PMS. I have suffered from PMS (the duration and the pain) ever since I can remember which is almost 20 years now. I have had to have my 2nd day of work and sport off every single month, and take medication for the pain and cramping I have all week.

I was very sceptical at first but after being told how the RX-6 works well... I had nothing to lose.

I have just finished my 11th treatment and for the first time in my life I didn't suffer from PMS. WTF ?? I am still on cloud nine. The duration which is at least 7 days sometimes 8 days was reduced to ONLY 5 days and I cannot explain how truly UPLIFTING and AMAZING that is and if that wasn't enough my pain lasted for about 30 mins the day before they started and for about 1 hour towards the end of the first day.

Not only that, looking at my photos taken after my 10th treatment the skin on my neck has lifted dramatically and my frown lines and wrinkles around my eyes have dramatically reduced. I don’t know if my hair is getting thicker BUT I haven't lost any hair in the shower for weeks now ever since I started treatment which again is truly amazing for me and to my boyfriend.

I cannot praise the RX-6 enough to do it justice for all the benefits I have experienced in such a short period of time and will be forever grateful to Collagentex for curing my PMS. Client for Life
. Chelsea Turner, Bellmere

I started trialling the RX especially on my wrinkles and acne scaring, I discovered many benefits in a very short period, my hair became thicker and stronger, my nails became stronger and my skin became firmer, acne scarring was reduced and my wrinkles were less defined. I also had two cysts near my nose and it used to interfere with my sinus and made it harder to breathe, but since using the RX it has reduced the size of the cysts dramatically, allowing myself to breathe better and not have as many sinus problems since.

I then realised the results the RX was having on me in regards to my pain. I have suffered from chronic pain for over 15 years now, I suffer a lot of neck and back pain and have tried many different ways to manage my pain but within a few treatments of using the RX beneficial. I noticed that my pain had eased and I wasn’t relying on so much pain medication and this continued with each treatment and I had no relapse in between trials. It was fantastic, I found myself feeling better and more able to do things that was a struggle prior to my trial with the RX. To this day my pain is not what is used to be.

As I am prone to getting cysts on my body and having them removed, I have been left with scarring and lumps from this, with the use of the RX it reduced the lump and now it is hardly noticeable.

I honestly can say that the RX-6 has made a big difference in my life in more ways than one and would recommend it to anyone
. Rozeanne Oliff, Morayfield

As a 27 year old female, I started to realise fine lines appearing on my face and a large one on my forehead. It tried the RX and it completely removed all lines on my face and my face felt youthful and radiant. Still to this day the lines have not reappeared. The RX works wonders. Krystle Burgess, Morayfield

What can I say...  I feel great. My skin is feeling tighter and for the first time in 20 years the bags under my eyes are finally disappearing. I have only been using the RX-6 for 5 weeks but it has given me better results than anything I have ever tried before. The results are truly amazing. I feel I finally have an affordable, safe and painless answer to looking younger and feeling great about myself for longer. Sue Wright, Caboolture

I have been using the RX-6 for nearly three months and I look and feel truly amazing inside and out.  Not only is my skin looking more youthful and glowing (several people have commented on my skin in the last week) but my feeling of  general health and energy is unbelievable.  Having suffered from sinus all my life it was a shock that I have got through spring so far without having one sinus attack which I know is attributed to the RX-6.  My skin is so much more firmer and alot of my fine lines around my eyes and mouth have totally disappeared.  I have spent thousands over the last twenty years on creams, facials and chemical peels but have never experienced the results that I am getting from the treatments once a week with the RX-6. Lynn Parrish, Caloundra

I have been using the RX-6 for well over 2 and a half months now. Originally, I was skeptical and went with a girlfriend to check it out. It was explained how the RX-6 could eliminate problems with our skin as well as my severe shaving rash and stubborn cellulite.  I especially love the fact that all of it could be treated in a 20 minute treatment over a couple of months and when bought in a package was much more afforable than 2 IPL Treatments I had previously on my rash and cellulite. I was able to have a treatment straight away and spent the rest of the night researching the benefits that redlight therapy could have.  After quite a bit more research and a few more treatments I truly believe I have been introduced to something that is so advanced it will be the talk of the Beauty Industry in years to come. My energy levels have greatly increased but also my mental outlook on life and being able to get through each day is something I cant understand but I am not the only one to feel like this. My rash is completely gone and my cellulite is about 50% eliminated and my skin is the best it has been in years. Colleen Simpson, Morayfield

The endless results of the RX-6 are nothing short of miraculous. Highly recommended. Justine Wakefield, Upper Caboolture

I personally can see instant results in each client (regardless of age) that has undertaken the light treatment. Mirielle, (RX-1 owner), Mornington



Natural Wellnmess Through Light

All over the world, scientific studies confirm the increase in collagen and elastin proteins due to light treatment and thus the skin rejuvenating effect of the Collagentex Action Spectrum.

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