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Collagentex RX-6 - The Latest in Deep-Infrared Phototherapy

The RX-6 is the worlds only full body, deep infra-red, skin rejuvenation and wellness unit.

  • Collagentex RX-6 Full body scanner with the latest in Plasma Arc lamp technology
  • The RX-6 provides a compact, powerful, high intensity unit that delivers more power than any other system available providing unique, full body, non invasive phototherapy with outstanding overall cosmetic and wellness results.
  • Ideal for spas, doctors, dermatologists, physiotherapists, professional massage therapists, holistic therapies, wellness centres, weight loss centres and gyms
  • No UV emissions, the safety of the Collagentex output is certified by spectral radiometer testing
  • Intensity of treatment and coverage area is adjustable by remote control electronic height adjustment
  • Hot spot elimination is achieved by utilizing an oscillation type mechanism to scan the clients body every 15 seconds side to side
  • Collagentex RX-6-treatments will encourage positive improvements in the users complexion
  • Deep penetrating heat and powerful bright light ambiance has been very effective for improved well being in the majority of users
  • Positive effects of the infrared bandwidth for relief from minor aches and strains
  • Salons, spas and  high end gyms utilise RX-6's deeper penetrating heat as part of their relaxation programs and may utilize the anti-aging benefits of the heat rays along with rapid results of pore size reduction and  skin tightening resulting in a younger looking, glowing skin
  • Relaxing session time is 20 minutes which can be divided into both sides of the body
  • Fully anodised aluminium and stainless steel body is easy to keep sanitary for clients
  • Recommended by dermatologists and oncologists
  • Infrared light has been listed in many scientific studies as it "penetrates deeper for lymphatic drainage, fibroblast stimulation for all natural collagen and elastin production while reducing inflammation from other invasive aesthetic procedures"

New Life Perspectives RX-6 Research Project

Learn about the New Life Perspectives RX-6 Research Project

Infrared light is used all over the world by doctors, physiotherapists, chiropractors and wellness centres. A simple internet search for infrared lamps will reveal the amazing benefits reported all over the world for a multitude of conditions, all through the use of non invasive, natural infrared light.

Some of the most commonly reported benefits are;

  • Reduce fine lines, age spots and diminish freckles
  • Build up lost collagen and reduce cellulite
  • Anti-aging effects for vibrant, younger looking skin
  • Smooth faces, hips, thighs, buttocks and upper body
  • Increased metabolism intensifying lymphatic drainage and reducing fat cell size
  • Replenishing loss due to aging and visibly reduced cellulite
  • Reduce pain from aches, sprains and strains
  • Relief from arthritis and reduction in medications
  • Increased energy levels
  • Heightened awareness and general feeling of wellbeing
  • Improved sleep patterns
  • Hair restoration (Males)
  • Strengthening of hair and nails

Collagentex will increase your revenue streams from both new and existing customers.

The Collagentex difference. Skin Science that works!

  • All new Plasma-arc technology delivers high energy infrared wavelengths - rays are both powerful and ultra safe
  • Collagentex spectrum rays reach a dermal depth greater than any of our competitors, energizing the targeted tissue
  • Easier to use and up to and ten times more powerful than traditional LED systems
  • Low operating cost
  • Note: Treatment table not included



Natural Beauty And Wellness

All over the world, scientific studies confirm the increase in collagen and elastin proteins due to light treatment and thus the skin rejuvenating and healing effect of the Collagentex Action Spectrum.

Please browse the Collagentex collection of Natural Light Therapy products from the World's leading manufacturer using the links below.